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Fishin for MM Flyer 2022 | Mountain Mission | 1620 Seventh Avenue Charleston, WV 25387
It's that time of year again! Mountain Mission Incorporated is excited to once again team up with our friends at SWVKA, Mountain State Kayak Anglers, West Virginia Kayak Anglers & 97.5 WQBE-FM for the 4th Annual Fishin' For Mountain Mission Kayak Fishing Tournament! This year's event will cast off Saturday, July 23rd! Registration is only $40 and proceeds from the event will benefit our Emergency Assistance programs. Plus, you'll have a shot at over $2,500 in prizes, including a Jackson Yupik kayak and the WQBE Rabbit's Big Bass Contest!


November 4, 2021
8:00 AM –
5:00 PM
September 2, 2021
8:30 AM –
5:00 PM


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