Mountain Mission
1620 Seventh Avenue
Charleston, WV 25387


Although these tough economic times have hit us and our programs just as hard as everyone else, we have been able to maintain the much needed services to thousands of hurting people. It has not been easy at all, but with God’s blessing we have accomplished the mission. There is still much more to do!

On behalf of the elder man who has admitted twice to the hospital for dehydration without telling anyone that he had no water in his home because he thought that someone else needed help worse; for the young family that lost everything in their trailer fire except their lives and were yet thankful; and for the mother of a mentally challenged young man who had run out of medication for him, we say “THANK YOU.” If it weren’t for people helping us we could not have helped these and others.

Mountain Mission strives to serve hurting people in emergency situations, and in doing so it blesses us to help others.

Please be a blessing and in return receive a blessing by doing so.  Please select a method of support below:

Mountain Mission Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. When making a financial contribution please understand that Mountain Mission Inc. does not give tax advice, therefore please consult with your tax advisor for up to date legal tax advice. Mountain Mission Inc. gives no goods or services for financial contributions. 

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