Mountain Mission
1620 Seventh Avenue
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About Us

Mission Statement

Mountain Mission Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, faith-based, charitable organization whose mission is to serve families and individuals in the Kanawha Valley by assisting with unexpected emergency needs such as financial and in-kind.  By carrying out this mission, we will support those in need with immediate support and communicate the importance of education, careers and financial management.  This will make the most positive impact in the lives of those we serve in Christ’s name.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Mountain Mission Inc. to create and carry out programs that will relieve hurting families and individuals in their immediate time of emergency need.  We believe that this will give them hope and the confidence and means to become self-supported. This will empower them and their families to create a safer and more nurturing community.


Mountain Mission, Inc. was created in 1926 by a few men with a vision to help meet the spiritual and physical needs of the less fortunate in and around the Kanawha Valley with emergency assistance needs such as financial support with utility services, rent, medications, baby needs and disaster recovery.  In addition to financial assistance, Mountain Mission helps with many of life’s most basic needs such as clothing, furniture, food, medical equipment, appliances and so much more.

To view our Emergency Assistance 2018 Report, Click here.

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